Imagine the Possibilities

When I was a kid, one of my most favorite cartoons was (and still is) The Jetson’s. While most other kids were laughing over the silly antics of the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote with their Saturday morning breakfast cereal I had already been up since before daylight to tune in to the space age life of George and Jane Jetson. In fact, at the risk of sounding like a complete geeky nerd I fantasized about being Jane Jetson when I was in elementary school. I even secretly changed my name to Jane. This was a total fail. Mrs. Holt, my fourth grade teacher, wrote on my paper that I needed to use my own name and not Jane. She wrote it in bright red school teacher ink. I was mortified and smuggled that paper home. By evening it was long gone because I shoved it deep in the trash that later became ashes in the bottom of the burn barrel.

Now, as I look back, I realize that my fantasy of being Jane Jetson is really much more of a reality than I ever imagined. I can proudly proclaim that I have grown up and become Jane Jetson. Let me show you what I mean.

Jane is a homemaker who loves shopping and new gadgets. She is a dutiful wife, married to George, who spends his day at a computer named RUDI working for Spacely’s Space Sprockets.

I am a homemaker who loves shopping for new gadgets. I am a dutiful wife, married to Steve, who spends his day at a computer named Elvis working for a company I am not obliged to divulge … blah blah blah geeeeek, head explodes.

Jane has a maid, Rosey, and two children, Judy and Elroy.

I have no maid and three children, Colby, Gracie and Steven.

See? We are practically twins!

Except! Except, I don’t have a Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle in my kitchen. I am betting you don’t either. So what is a space aged housewife to do with no space age appliances?
Samsung to the rescue!

The space age has finally come to the very heart of the home –the kitchen. Samsung has just introduced their new Samsung 4-Door LCD Refrigerator with Apps with a LCD screen built right in the door with the ice and water.

Have you seen this amazing piece of appliance engineering? You can tweet while you fill your glass with ice and water. Talk about twitter-pated!

If you read my blog you know that I spend most of my days in my kitchen. If it isn’t canning, it is dehydrating or baking or soaping or organizing recipes, creating new recipes, preparing meals, washing dishes -something every single day for hours on end. My little office and desk is set up right in my kitchen. It really is where I live. This would be a dream refrigerator for me! With a mere touch of my finger I would have the world in my kitchen. Communications, organization and time management would be at my fingertips.

A thousand times a day I am in and out of the refrigerator and right there eye level on the door I would have access to recipes and ingredients. No more running back and forth grabbing this and that. I could see exactly what I items I need from the fridge and get them in one trip instead of several trips with the door opening and closing over and over again. In my head I even cringe a little because I repeatedly tell my kids not to open the fridge door so many times or not to stand there with the door open looking for something – anything for a snack.

When it comes to my refrigerator I do admit that I am picky. I like a full refrigerator. A full refrigerator means the machine has to work less to stay cool. Everything maintains a constant and steady temperature. Also I despise door clutter. As much as I love my kids I do not like photos, drawing, magnets, calendars and lists on my fridge. I want the doors clean and clutter free. With the LCD screen I could use Picasa, my droid or an SD card to serve up my favorite photos right there with no fuss and clutter.

Speaking of fuss and clutter? When I have to leave notes for kids I tend to tape them to the glass on the back door so that I know they will see them. With the Samsung fridge I would be able to leave notes and other important information right on the door. No more taping notes to the windows. No more scraping off the tape glue or washing windows afterwards.

The weather and news applications would allow me to check the forecast each morning before sending Elroy Steven off to school with or without a rain coat or winter coat or short pants. Because seriously, the last thing we do on a school morning is walk right by the fridge on the way out of the back door.
Music applications would allow me to free up counter space and move my little kitchen stereo upstairs and still keep my favorite music served up hot and fresh like everything else I serve out of my kitchen. Jane may have sang her way into Miss Solar System but I would be rockin’ in my kitchen like Judy and Jet Streamer.

Just imagine the possibilities that technology can bring not only to our fingertips but it has moved off the PC and has landed smack in the middle of our active and busy lives right on the fridge door.

The new Samsung refrigerator is surely my dream appliance and could resolve a ton of tasks in my kitchen. Imagine your own dream appliance ramped up with a major infusion of technology. What would that appliance be and what problems would it solve for you? Leave your answers in the comments section 7/25to 8/15 for your chance to win a $100 Best Buy gift card. Visit the Prizes & Promotions section at Blogher for more chances to win!

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Check out all the great appliances available by Samsung.

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