Labor Costs for Custom Quilt Design

Customer provides all materials – Quilt top fabrics, batting, backing fabric and binding fabric. The following pricing is for the labor portion of the quilt only.

Custom quilt design $75
Includes designing a digital quilt for your approval before any work is begun on the project. Once you sign off on your quilt design physical work will begin upon receipt of your materials. Customizing a customer supplied quilt pattern, based on complexity of the patch work pattern will incur a $50 fee and most patterns come with many challenges and changes.

Construction of quilt top $175
Simple quilt blocks (4 patch, 9 patch, half-square and quarter square triangles) require a day or two to cut into designated quilt design pieces depending on the overall quilt size. The piecing of the patchwork on average requires 1 – 2 weeks for completion of a full/queen sized quilt top. The larger the top the longer the construction time. I cannot pin point to the exact day a quilt top will be completed. Working from pre-cuts such as Moda’s jelly rolls, charm packs, layer cakes, etc. does help to simplify the cutting time. More intricate quilt block design, applique, paper piecing is tedious work requiring more time to construct and carry a higher pricing range. Mural and Art quilts are not offered at this time.

Quilt Backing
The back of the quilt is best when using a single piece of wide width fabric such as a 100% cotton muslin. Pieced backings are equivalent to a pieced top and require additional fees. The quilt back will include a printed sew on label indicated your approved information and inscription.

Quilt Batting
I only use 100% natural battings in cotton or wool. I do not use bamboo as the machine does not like it and the bamboo fibers create a sawing effect that causes thread breakage at a very high rate. You may provide a 100% cotton batting by Warm and Natural or for an additional fee I can provide the batting.

Long arm services $125 and up
Long arm services include a $25 fee for racking on the frame. For large quilts loading the frame can take as much as 2 to 3 hours to get everything starched and ironed and set up properly before any quilting is actually done. From that point an edge to edge meandering stitch can take 1 to 3 days to complete and is included in the $125 long arm service fee. More complex edge to edge designs from a pantograph (a single line stitch design repeated from one side of the quilt to other) is an additional $0.015 (1 ½ cents) per square inch. A more complex custom design will require 1 to 2 weeks and an additional fee of $0 .025 (2.5 cents) per inch. I do not do digitized or computerized long arm quilting. All quilting is manual free motion quilting.

Thread fee $10 and up
The long arm service requires a very large amount of quality quilting thread. You may choose your own thread color. I personally prefer white thread for most projects. Crib and twin size quilts have a $5 thread fee. Full/Queen/King have a $10 thread fee. Quilt top construction also requires quality sewing thread. The over stitching design and size of the quilt effect the number of spools of thread that will be needed. On average queen and king sized quilts often require 2 or more large spools of sewing thread. I do not accept pre-purchased threads. I am not particular about the threads I use but my sewing and quilting machines are. Sewing threads per two spools $5.

Hand binding $60
I do not do machine binding on quilts. I find it gives a quilt a shabby, half-finished look. I do not want my name associated with machine binding that will show through the back side of the quilt. All quilt binding is completed by hand with a quilting needle and a spool of hand quilting thread. Binding is cut from yardage you provide. In some instances there may be enough left over fabric from the quilt project to make a scrap binding for a unique finish to your quilt. I cannot predict if there will be enough scraps until I reach that point in the process of customizing your quilt.

Custom label – no charge
I will produce a printed quilt label with the information about the quilt and will incorporate information for gifting and identification and the date as per your instructions. You will be required to proof read and approve the final quilt label. The label will be placed on the back of the quilt.
A small embroidery label will be included to identify me as the maker of the quilt and signifying it is a custom quilt.

Quilt Delivery
Shipping charges and insurance are extra. I cannot estimate shipping before completion because we don’t know the finish weight of the quilt yet. Shipping and insurance can average $50 more or less. This amount will be adjusted when the quilt is completed and the shipping package is weighed. Expect a minimum of 30 – 45 working days not to exceed 60 working days from the first day of final design approval to the completion of your custom made quilt.

I require 50% deposit to start the quilt. I do not accept personal checks. Payments must be in the form of a United States Post Office Money Order. I will not accept a money order from any other entity. United States Post Office only. When the quilt is completed I will photograph and package it for shipping. At this point I will notify you of pending delivery. Your final payment will be due at that time. Once your final payment has been received I will ship the quilt via USPS with Priority 2nd day delivery when possible. You have 10 days from the time you are notified of your finished quilt to submit final payment.

Failure to submit final payment:
Only upon receipt of final payment as outlined in the agreed upon pricing estimate will your quilt be shipped to you. Failure to make final payment is a potential forfeiture of the finished quilt. After 3 months of non-payment the quilt will be offered for sale to other interested party/parties or it may be donated to a charitable organization. There will be NO refund of the initial deposit. There will be no reimbursement for what you might consider the cost of your materials/fabric. My time is equally as valuable as your time. My time spent on your project is my paycheck. I do not work for free. To be clear, should you fail to meet the final payment in a timely fashion you forfeit all claims and ownership of the custom made quilt.

Additional Information
I tend to make quilts a bit oversized so there is a little over hang on the edge of the mattress. Standard quilt sizing is listed below. When ordering a king sized quilt I am limited by the width of the batting and my quilt frame as to how much extra over hang can be provided. I cannot exceed a batting width of 120 inches. The largest finished king quilt size overhang is approximately 116 inches but I try not to exceed 108 inches if possible.

Twin 68″ x 89″ Full 84″ x 89″ Queen 90″ x 94″ King 106″ x 94″ California King 100″ x 98″

Hand Quilting
I do not provide hand quilting services.

I do not pre-wash any fabrics nor do I test for color fast or bleeding fabric dyes.

I look forward to working with you on your future quilt. Contact me via email.


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