This blog is where I showcase my ceativity. Most often that creativity is in the kitchen and at the sewing machine. It also shows up in the form of a green thumb, DIY projects or other skills listed among a general jack of all trades and master of none. Occasionally I am known to voice my opinion of things in the media or issues close to my heart. I don’t write about politics, religion or money. Not only are those subjects contentious and evoke the nastiness of internet trolls but I was raised to be a lady and ladies don’t speak of such vulgar things in mixed company.

This blog is not a place where I make my husband look like an ass for comments or laughter nor is it a place where I write about the failures or short comings of my children. Waving dirty laundry and whining about the every day curve balls life throws at me is not my thing. I don’t have a perfect life but I don’t have a miserable existence either. Just know that I have a life very similar to yours and with it comes worries and woes, trial and tribulations but most of the time I will never share those very private and intimate moments on the internet. There are parts our life that is private and outside eyes will not be invited in to look around.

I am not a perfect housekeeper. I don’t pretend to be. because I can cook or sew many readers tend think my life is in perfect order. With four kids and a husband who is only now starting to learn about taking his shoes off on the porch and not sitting on my couch in clothes covered in dirt from the barn my house is always in need of sweeping or vacuuming. Don’t be surprised if there are dirty dishes in the sink waiting to go in the dishwasher. What glory it would be if that thing would load itself. Also? Laundry never ceases. At any point of any given day there is something that needs to be washed. Always. Every day.

I am not a “mommy blogger” although I do write about my children and I am a blogger.

I have begun traveling down the long road of weight loss again. I often review low carb products I have met along the way or recipes I have tried that help in my determination to rid myself of these pounds that weigh me down. I don’t write too much about the mental effects of being overweight or the struggle to cope. It seems that I am often attacked for having the feelings of a human being and voicing my emotional and mental struggles. I am rather put out by people who think 5 or 10 lbs puts them in the same playing field as women who are 50 to 100 lbs over weight. I have been chastised for not having sympathy for those poor thinner women who have no clue what it is like to hear people talk about you in public restaurants or department stores only what they see is a not a person or another woman but simply a walking lump of fat. Those women have no clue what it is like to be left out of groups because you are over weight or to be told by an employer that they don’t really care for fat people and without EEO you probably would not have gotten the job. I tend to stay away from writing about what is in my head and the issues I deal with being overweight because on this blog I have found no one is interested in what I think or feel if they are not given the chance to rebuttal and tear me down. Isn’t that funny odd? There are women who feel they have the right to chastise me (mostly priavtely via email or anonymously in comments) for writing about how I feel about being overweight yet at the same time they write about how they see themselves as overweight in an attempt to invalidate me and shove themselves in to the light on MY blog. Sometimes its enough to make me wish they have a severe outbreak of acne. That lingers. On their face.

If you would like to know more about me you can find it in my 100 things by me and by Steve. Also a list I made at 39. Considering I am 43 now I probably should reflect and update with a newer list.

My husband and I did indeed meet on the internet. You can read about our wedding Going To The Chapel and see our Wedding Cake that I made myself. When it comes to internet relationships I always joke that we met the old fashioned way, before internet dating services even came about. I was an MSN Bride. The 21st centuries form of a Mail Order Bride so to speak.

I also have a review blog where I write about products for which I am compensated. I also have a recipe blog where I post my recipes after they have been here for a while. It helps to keep the clutter down.