Dreaming Big

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Yesterday’s little post on Wishful Thinking was a collection of little tidbits of things I have been looking over and putting into my shopping cart and then not purchasing.

Several comments where made about dreaming big so I thought I would take a moment to show you what I dream of when I dream big.

I would like a greenhouse. Since I cannot have the greenhouses at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon I’d like this one please.

I would also like a smoke house. Like this one.

A root cellar. Anyone with a back hoe and a old milk truck or school bus body? I have a dream.

A new kitchen.

A pond just like the one I grew up on.

Outdoor bathtubs – 3 or 4.

Brick oven.

That’s a big work order. Anything is possible. And I keep dreaming. How about you?

27 Responses to “Dreaming Big”

  • charlotte says:

    I would love a screened in back porch, a nice front porch for sitting to wave at neighbors as they go by & greenhouse. That is about all I think I’d like.

  • Melissa says:

    OK I dream of a greenhouse, the one you pictured works for me!! To get my rototiller fixed and to have a killer garden next year!!!

    A pressure cooker/canner and a dehydrator work too!!!

  • Katiegirl says:

    I love your wish list!!

  • Karey Bohr says:

    I am currently saving up bricks to make an outdoor grill and oven. Once I have enough there is a local guy that will put it up for me and I cannot wait to use it! It will be even better when it is cheap!

    I finally got my clothes line poles (they were my grandmas) and now I just need to get Frank to find time to get them into the ground! WOW I never in a million years thought that I would get excited about a new clothes line! 😉

  • Rachel Lynn says:

    My last blog was about some of my dreams. Dreams for my career, and for this house we just moved into (buying it and saving it mostly).

  • Sharon D says:

    Dreaming big for me would be a root celler, but here in Texas those are just not possible. I would love to have a wrap aroud porch with part of it screened in so I wouldnt have to fight the mesquitos. We all need dreams, thanks for sharing yours.

  • Holy….I think we were seperated at birth! LOL! You have the same dreams as me! In fact we are planning on digging a root cellar next summer!

  • joan says:

    I love Victorian greenhouses but that won’t happen,so just a small greenhouse. Also a root cellar. I have a perfect place but that won’t happen either. I have simple tastes and I’m happy mostly with what I have. Anything more is a blessing.

  • bea says:

    OOOO I love that green house! That would be an ultimate dream for me! A little closer to reality I would settle for a place to plant an outdoor garden!

  • TeeJay says:

    OMG – I WANT that kitchen!! 🙂

  • Tina says:

    That’s a great greenhouse! Smokehouses really aren’t that hard to build as long as you have the time and space. There are some great plans out there in books.

  • Becky says:

    I love how you dream big! My big dream would be to have the space to even be able to dream about having all those things on my property!!

  • renn says:

    I would love my own land, where I can have a huge garden. I would also love a greenhouse, and a home large enough to have more than one person over to visit at a time (crowding). I would love a home that had a larger kitchen, a screened porch, an extra bedroom, a coat closet and a walk in pantry.

    We are working on the first step right now.

  • Anne says:

    Here’s my brick oven/smokehouse/bbq pit dream:
    Then there’s the greenhouse (or even just a cold frame), the pond, the strawberry field, the blueberry meadow, the peach tree orchard, the wrap-around porch, and of course, the new kitchen. What??!! Too much? 😀

  • Karey Bohr says:

    Mom was over for the weekend and I was showing her the greenhouse in your “wishlist” and I didn’t notice until then that it has a brick foundation….OMG, LOVE it even more!

  • Stacey Clay says:

    Your dreams are wonderful Angie and ones that aren’t out of reach. They are practical, good dreams!

    Me, I want a big, red barn with 3 horses and several milk goats to go with it. I would also like a root cellar, greenhouse, and brick oven like the ones you dream of. Yep! Those are the items that I dream of…

  • Kim says:

    Oh my goodness, did you just get inside my brain and pull out my wishlist? And then match it with gorgeous photos? Drool.

    My outdoor tub includes a Chofu wood-fired heater so I can have hot baths by starlight; my dream greenhouse is dug into our hillside so that the temp will be partially stabilized; and my kitchen will soon be getting a refurbished 1948 Chambers stove (dream realized! It can happen!!).

    And Melissa, a dehydrator is newly on my list, too.

  • r says:

    root cellar
    How about digging out a big hole, and using old tires filled with tamped in dirt? Form it like an igloo, then back fill some of that left over dirt from digging out the hole. Might want to pour a layer of concrete over the top to help with water run off. Don’t forget an air vent thru the roof, like on your house roof, the spinning type. I’d put a 2 or 3 inch layer of gravel for the flooring. Temperature stable, and most of the dirt would be used in the tires, or as back fill, the rest, garden or yard leveler. No waste, reuse of landfill waste (tires), fairly inexpensive, just very time and labor intensive.

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