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The Land of Cotton

Anyone who really knows me knows that I have been homesick for the last six months. Melancholy, tearful, dreaming of backhome with its scent of pine trees in the air, fields under a blanket white as snow in late August and September waiting for the harvest of the cotton, the late evening whine of cicadas, the sweet smell of magnolia in humid southern summer air, frosty mornings and warm afternoons, red dirt roads and antebellum houses. All these things and more sing the love song of home to my soul.

This past week we dropped everything and rushed back home due a horrible tragic accident that took the life of my young cousin. While the moment was sad and soul wrenching at the same time being there revived me and I drank in every moment, lived in every minute and tried not to count the seconds ticking by.

As the funeral was pushed back two days further than we expected we had some time to fill. We made the rounds of the cemeteries on a long Sunday drive. Paying respects to those long past, clearing off fall leaves, remove spent and faded flowers and setting out fresh bouquets. As we drove we talked and joked and got to know ourselves as much as each other again. I shared the things about those who are the reason we are here and hoped those stories are remembered and passed on.

As we drove down a long South Carolina sandy dirt road I started to sing, “Oh,I wish I were in the land of the cotton, Old times there are not forgotten …..”

As if by magic the trees cleared and we rolled up on fields of cotton seemingly left from fall all but forgotten. I instructed my cousin to hit the brakes and out I flew from the Jeep we were riding in.

It was cotton as far as we could see. And pine trees.

We pulled up stalks of cotton and crammed them in a bag and scurried back to the car.

I got my wish.

I was in the land of cotton, palmetto trees and my ancestors.

I felt like Dorothy and clicked my heels three times.

I really was home again.

14 Things About Me

There is a meme circling the drain on Facebook and I recklessly clicked a ‘like’ and fell in. Here are 14 things about me you probably did not know.

1. My husband and I come from opposite socio-economic backgrounds. We rarely see eye to eye on the definition of ‘poor’.

2. I am in the midst of planning my final sweet 16 party. My youngest daughter will have her birthday next month.

3. I love the idea of having “A Quilting” when a daughter is of age to be wed but only 2 woman that I know who live near me know anything about quilting.

4. It saddens me to see traditions and home skills lost to so many women and therefore lost to their girls.

5. I have had a quilt king sized on my frame since July but have not had time to work on it.

6. My mother and sister quilt but they live too far away to be able to come have a quilting party.

7. I love the change in seasons but really hate to give up my shorts and flip flops. I have been known to wear flip flops in the snow.

8. Menopause has finally become a tangible element of my life and I am beyond happy with that. 36 years like clockwork, without fail, is enough.

9. Vietnam left my father a shell of human being. He struggled to survive emotionally his entire life and in the end a rare form of cancer found mostly in Vietnam vet and oil field workers ended his life. I always had a deep fear I would die before I was 36 because he did.

10. I secretly harbor a desire to sell our house, get rid of half of the horses and moving to a small cabin somewhere in the Blue Ridge mountains or a tiny cracker box in warm Florida. If I did so I know my husband would not go with me. We are opposites in many ways.

11. I was given the number 14 and I think it was a punishment because I haven’t seen any list beyond 10 written by anyone else.

12. Cold weather is the only time I drink coffee. This is the first week I started drinking coffee in the mornings since last March. We had 2 nights that it went down in the 20’s. Finally cold enough to sip hot coffee without breaking a sweat.

13. I drink coffee with cream and no sugar.

14. My husband makes horrible coffee but I lied for years and told him he made wonderful coffee.


I have started my forty-seventh year off with this lovely black tail mountain melon that I grew from seeds.

It is so beautiful and red inside. And schweeet!

I have saved the seeds and will be looking forward to planting more next spring.

This afternoon Steve and I will go out and pick up the present I bought for myself -a wood burning cook stove made by the Atlanta Stove Works. Isn’t she a beauty?! She is!

I can’t wait to get her all put back together and in my kitchen!

Happy Birthday to me!!

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